Friday, January 16, 2009

A Stroller and Tire Chains

Well, what do both of these things have in comon? They are both in my toolbox right now, and I used both of them on the same day. (Before Christmas, in the Ice storm).

Crazy, yes!

The true explanation of my life, YES!

You see, I am a fiercely independent, "Anything you can do, I can do better" kind of gal". A man says, you can't do that and I say WATCH ME! And I usually do it.

Most guys think that I'm crazy, (or my husband is for marryin me) when I say that I pull a 40 foot stock trailer. They think I can't count or measure or something. Then they see me pull in someplace. Like Wal-Mart, or McDonalds and parrallel park my rig. Hop out, with 1, 2, or 3 kids and a pair of dogs in tow, and instantly resume the Momma roll (that never stopped).

But, yes, that's me. I do love what I do. I get to have the kids whith me when I haul, and I get to have fun and get off the ranch a couple of times a week.

As for the Ice and Tire Chains, I hauled in the slickest roads I've seen in a while. My farrowing house (where the mommas have the piglets) had held their pigs for 2 weeks, and was stuffed to the gills. So, they couldn't wait. I had to haul 'em out. We chained up, put a movie in the tv's for the girls to watch, and off I went.

The hill coming down out of the Farrowing house is pretty steep, so I made sure the chains would fit the 17" tires on the Dodge (cause it has a pretty handy Jake Brake) and off I went. Not very fast, 30 at the max with the chains. I felt like a Mountain Woman (they get to wear chains a lot in the winter).

The pigs were all hauled, no problems with the rig, and NO SLIDING! I was even able to take off my chains pretty quickly by myself.

Now, you have a small peek at the STUBBORN side of me. I won't let most things stop me from taking care of my animals or my family.

BTW, I used the stroller later that day for the obligatory Santa Picture. Squeak wasn't even all that scared.


  1. enjoyed reading your blog! Thank you

  2. Thank you for stopping over!!! I LOVE to have comments and then find out about all of you guys!!! Nice picture of your lover on the horse - guys on horses are SO sexy...lucky bugger you are!!! LOL

  3. You go girl! ;) I am very proud of you. I don't think I've reached true cowgirl status~ I've yet to pull a rig and not sure I'm ready to. Especially not on ice.
    Cute pic of the family, by the way!