Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I love this life

As I sit here it's 9:30 am.  I'm in Barnes & Noble in the big city drinking a Chai latte. I'm in my fancy Buckarette Collection Stormy Kromer & a big beautiful scarf.

I'm surrounded by business men & women with their laptops & fancy clothes working. 

That. Used. To. Be.  Me. 

Wow! 13 years ago that was my life. I hadn't even dreamed of my current life as possible!  Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed talking with my customers & helping them get to their goals.

But. My.  Life.  Is. So. Blessed.  Amazing!!

Yep, yesterday I spent 10 hours in the truck hauling hay & alternately freezing my fingers off feeding cows & stacking hay.  After basketball practice & chores then house chores I fell into bed at midnight. This morning I rolled our of bed lazily at 4 am to load a cow & drive up to the new Story City Locker. When I get up that early I don't turn any lights on in the house. So, the scarf & hat are necessary. I'm lucky to brush my teeth on my early days. Once the cow was delivered, I need to pick up some shoes for my boy in the big city. This the Tea break while I wait for the store to open. Then it's back home, feed the cows, check the other cows, load Missy & Buster (show heifer & Sale Bull) to take them to get their feet trimmed. Then chores.... You get the idea; busy, dirty, cold. 

I love this life. Really! Thanks to all the businessmen & women that make it possible for me to raise your food & live this life.

Love where you are. It will lead you to bliss.