Monday, January 12, 2009

My Day on the Ranch

This post was supposed to go up last night......Here you go, a day "off" for me on monday.

Well, today was another one of those "Days Off". Meaning that I took Squeak to school (daycare, but its at the school, and that just sounds good). So, first thing, I dropped him off, yes, I got the girls on the bus (different school) and fed cows. We were supposed to get a blizzard. It was bad, but not that bad. ~4 inches of wet, fluffy, snow and still coming down.

I had just rec'd my final copy of the Beef Expo Catalog to proof that AM. But, I wanted to get some outside work done. Feed was supposed to be delivered today, so I set out to ready the barn. (Remember my fitness goals, they'll work their way in here) I started at the SouthWest End of the Indoor Arena, cause that's where I want to park the two gravity wagons.

OHHH, forgot to tell you, CARPENTERS are MESSY!!!! They left me with an entire barn full of TRASH and SCRAPS and good wood EVERYWHERE. (And this barn is 56x104 with two 18foot lean-to's on each side) So, I had my work cut out for me cause all of the trash/wood/tin has been thrown to the west side.

But, I DID IT!!! I piled ALL of the good wood in one section, and put the mid-sized sheets of tin on top. I picked up all of the small scraps of wood and paper trash and put them on the flatbed (read-10000 squats). I moved the chicken pen (a dog kennel) to the 2nd bay in the SW corner, and made them a pretty new nest (thank you Carrie). I hung up all of the extension cords nice and neat (6). I fed new cows in lot, Pet cows in lot, calves in lot, i gave them all new hay bales. I watered everything, and then I had luch with my honey.

Came back from town, and finished all of the little stuff. This entire time, I was working fast. I couldn't have kept up any conversation, so I think I was doing pretty good. I kept chanting, no panting "round pen". I will get a round pen set up in here this month to start working colts!

As I was doing all of this work (AND LOVING IT) I was thinking of excuses, reasons, why I didn't NEED to walk to the mailbox. "I did like 5 million squats picking up this stuff" If I have walked the entire length of this barn 250 times today, how many feet is that?" and "I really have gotten a workout today". But then I kept thinking how, if I make an excuse today, I will want to make an excuse tomarrow, and so-on and so-forth.

So, I didn't get the mail. I didn't drive to get it, but I didn't walk either.

Oh yeah, and when I went to get a load of hay @ 2:30, I got a Dr.Pepper and Peanut M&M's. Bad deal. Had to do it. You see, I'm hypoglycemic, and I knew I was going to crash after all that physical work, and needed the sugar (yes I should have had my trail-mix with nuts and sugar, but I didn't). Anyone have any suggestions, for after workout ways to not crash??

I still had tons of fun, and I did get a good workout. My, feet, butt, calves, and arms, say that I did a GOOD job!!


  1. I'm proud of you! I love that kind of work, it's so rewarding. It's better than any gym workout, too! In the summer I see my horse more frequently, and therefore "workout" more. I really miss my horsey "workout" in the winter months!
    P.S. the m&m's and Dr. Pepper sound like a good pick me up. I think a Dr. Pepper or Coke and Recess Peanut Butter Cup are the best hangover cute. Nothing like a little caffeine, protein, and chocolate to help one feel better! :)

  2. Weird - I'm hypoglycemic too. My dietician gave me a plan - the best thing to do is to have 3 proper meals, and 4 snacks. All food breaks need to have protein in them. Carbs in the snack before workout. I like to pack protein bars (google gives recipes) and I keep tetra packs of Carnations Instant Breakfast - no sugar added tucked around, which hold me long enough to get a meal. Hate crashing. Your day sounds so productive.

  3. You are my kind of woman! The other day when I was doing all my chores around the place, I was soooo enjoying myself. I just wish we could win the lotto so I could stay home everyday! I always carried protein bars with me. they seemed to help.

  4. got something for ya. come on over!