Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How do you tell people when something awful happens

I don't like talking negative.
I avoid it at all costs. I don't think it helps anything to focus on the negative.
Bad things happen.
Then what....
How do you tell people that don't know?
How do you respectfully ask for their patience?
How do you get it over with? WithOUT pity in their eyes?
How do you let them know; you appreciate their concern...but can we just talk about what we were before I told you?

I don't think there IS any good way.....
So, I just blurt it out.
Try to ignore the pity & complete incomprehension in their eyes.
Because as well meaning as everyone tries to be.....they really have no clue of how this feels.
I wonder how many people I have made feel this exact same way... Because I couldn't even really begin to imagine what they are living or going through.......

Ps, I don't proofread or re-read these types of posts. It is just my mind dump & my heart opening.

And we ARE all ok.