Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Round Pen

Last nite was great! I loaded the kids up in the truck with their Nintendo DS’s (a privilege to play) and parked at the barn when my honey got home. We built a Round Pen!! YEAH!!! Those colts better look out on Monday when squeak is at “school”! They’re gonna get a workout.

Well, it’s not round, but it is a pen.

And I will work the colts. If its not filled with Cows (or rather heifers).

I’m sure you know it IS calving season. And we do have some new (expensive) heifers. And, right now, cows pay the bills! But you better bet that if there aren’t any little, cold cute little calves in the barn, I’ll rotate the heifers into a different pen, and look out colts!

Halters are in store, and some petting. You see these things are really scarry for some of the little ones, and some of the yearlings aren’t yet totally halter broke. But they will be, and one by one, they will see that people are great things! They will love you and pet you, and FEED you. And they will all be getting new homes in the next year.

If you need a new (or another) beautiful, kind eyed quarter horse, just drop me a note.
Also, the pups are eating food great and will be ready soon. Holler if you think you want a great working family dog!


  1. How big is the round pen? I would love to get a 100' up made of wood. Some day maybe!!! ;)

  2. OH u guys are crazy working out in the weather last night!! but I think I already knew that ;) do we have photos of the new pen yet??

  3. Ah! I'm jealous!
    And dare to dream: a new kind-eyed quarter horse.