Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well, I don't think I have shared anything about my Rosie (my Mini-Aussie). After I lost a great dog, I went looking for a mini-Aussie. I wanted half a cow dog and half a lap dog. Well, It took a little while, but I found a red merle and I wanted her. Now, Rosie was not a "die-for-you-dog" in the beginning. She could take you or leave you. But, I took her EVERYWHERE. I mean it, I almost NEVER go anywhere without a dog or kids. I joke that if I did go somewhere by myself, people would think I'm crazy, because I would be talking to myself all the time. (Cause its ok to talk to a dog, right??)
Well, Rosie had her first litter with Chilli (Beau's awesome blue heeler cow-dog). I told the girls they could keep ONE puppy. Well, we ended up keeping one for each girl. They're now about 7 months old and learning to be good dogs, and learning to work.

About 2 weeks ago, I took Rosie and Chilli and was working around the ranch. Feeding hay, moving calves and cows. All day Rosie was driving me nuts! She wouldn't (couldn't) get on the flatbed. She would hit the edge just behind her front legs! Blast! What is wrong with her, why won't she just JUMP! I kept choring and working, and then it dawned on me!! They got out together ONCE, just ONCE when she was in heat. BLAST!!!! I was trying to save her to breed her to a toy-aussie who lives on the other side of our section. She COULDN'T get on the flatbed, cause she was PREGNANT!!!

Add to the fact that my sister was going to watch the kids, the weekend I calculated she was due, and I was in trouble! You see, my sister is great, but I knew she wouldn't be up to 3 kids 3 dogs and another 1 having puppies! Well, I got lucky, and Rosie waited.

Night before last, she was on and off the bed a million times, and was trying to burrow her way under our bed and make a nest. So I knew when I left yesterday, that I better leave her at home unless I wanted puppies IN the truck. (remember, its winter break & I was hauling hogs and shopping with 3 kids). Shure enough, after I chored and came in the house to potty, I called Beau to let him know he needed to bring the kids in with him, cause we were having puppies.

Well, Rosie did well, even though the merle was pretty big, and was stuck for a bit. She only had 3 since she was only bred once. But they sure are CUTE!! So, we will have some great family and herding dogs for sale in 8 or 12 weeks. If theese ones don't sell right away. I'll probably start training them and sell them started. Let me know if you need a great family or working dog.


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