Monday, January 19, 2009

Not ME Monday

Not me Monday, check out Mck Momma.

I have never pretended to be asleep on Sunday, to see if my husband would get up off the couch to pick him up after naptime, Not ME.
I have never taken my child to childcare and had a totally non-productive meeting with the principal.
I have never cried (out of sympathy and fustration for my child) in front of so-called principal, Note to self, need to talk to other home-shooling moms.
I have never thrown away or good-willed half of my children's toys when they were at school, Not Me!
I have never sat in the feedbunk so that heifer calves couldn't eat without touching me, I would also never sing to such heifers, Not ME.
I have never called my husband to come home for lunch so that he could pick up a dead turkey (wild) in the yard that the dogs have been eating.


  1. OH SHanen!!! I am so frustrated for you!!! sorry the meeting sucked!!! but I love the post in general.

  2. I've done the toy clean out when my daughter is at school too! they never notice!

  3. If you are serious about getting more info about homeschooling, you should come to one of our get togethers on Thursdays. We have been meeting on the south side around 1 at a coffeehouse. Let me know if you want to join us and I will give you more info. I would sign up for a couple yahoo lists as well. I will look up the links. There is a WONDERFUL group of moms outthere for support, and contrary to what ANYONE will say, it is so easy. And great. I have only begun, but the idea of learning with my kids and getting to watch them grow, not missing those lightbulbs that would be going off in a building of strangers somewhere, is great. Otherwise, you are always welcome to stop by, or maybe we could come out on a not busy day in the next couple weeks. Let me know! And you will get through it. There are so many mamas who saw that it was just in their kids' best interest to forgo what the school was doing. Only you can know best what is best for your babies!

  4. I would totally sing to heifers too. Just found your blog...