Friday, January 9, 2009

Just a little picture if 7-up in his entirety. He is doing well. We have to wait and see, but he does seem more comfortable.
Nothing much to post lately. I have been deeply immersed in the Maine-Anjou Beef Expo Catalog. I could rip my hair out for this volunteer position. I don't think I will be doing it next year. Three years is enough for me.
I did do one fun thing on Wednesday.... I introduced my new childcare (part-time) to cloth diapers. You see, most people initially freak, when you ask them if they do cloth diapers. They are thinking pins and plastic pants. No, I don't use those, eeeeekkkk! So, instead, I have initiated my childcare ladies, by arriving and asking if they have ever used cloth diapers, and then proceeding to change the diaper in front of them. Wednesday, I asked if they had ever used a cloth diaper, and 2 women said no, I said come see, and ended up with 3 following me to changing room. They were supprised, and relieved. They did say that they would have been confused if I hadn't changed the diaper, cause it works just like a paper (disposable) diaper, but its cloth.
Next Monday, I will put some cloth in the bag, and see if they choose to use them.... They weren't too fazed by it this week, so we'll see. They were impressed, and said they didn't look too bad. I do cheat though.... I use old stained cut up t-shirts to line my cloth diapers. That way if there is poo, I just roll up the rag and throw it away. If no poo, just wash with the diapers. (I CHEAT AND LIKE IT TOO!)
OOOHHH - almost forgot, testing the second batch of potato bread, and if it turns out, I will post the recepie.


  1. now that I am seeing them all over the net I really believe they are the 'newest' & greatest

    I'd absolutely love to have all breastfed, cloth-diapered infants in my care from now on ;) a girl can dream!!

    so glad to hear & see 7up looking comfortable!!
    was thinking about that bread this morning!

  2. Wow! Is 7-Up really tiny! Another thing that would work is a dog splint (large breed size). (Didn't realize he was that mini.) With Tessa's broken paw we use a splint, wrapped it with gauze (the fluffy kind), vet wrap and then this tougher vet wrap tape stuff. Just an idea. Good luck!

  3. I am impressed too - I used cloth diapers with the first baby and then bagged that whole thing by the time she was consistantly eating solids... yuck! Maybe if I'd been as creative with the old t-shirts I'd have stuck with it? Great tip!

    Hey, thanks for joining the Fresh Thoughts Challenge. Do you have any plans on what you'd like to work on in these upcoming thirty days? I'm excited to work through this next month and come out on the other side a little slimmer with a whole lot more energy!

  4. I'm glad to hear that 7-UP is feeling better and you've found some workable solutions. I hope he is on the mend. He's a cute little guy! Definitely should be your mascot! ;)

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