Sunday, January 4, 2009


We have a problem on the ranch!! 7-Up our 8 yo Shetland pony, has broken his leg. I think one of the big horses kicked him.... We had the vet out today, and it is definately broken. I know he's not worth anything monetarily, but he is worth trying to save for the kids. Especially, for Squeak.

Has ANYONE ever had a horse with a broken leg?? We are thinking of setting it and trying to heal it. It is only a 2% chance, but I think we should chance it. He isn't in any major pain, and he is easy going enough to handle tons of time in a small pen.

I would really appreciate ANY and ALL imput and help in this matter. Any supplements, you have used to improve bone, or anything else!!

THANK YOU from me and the kids!!!!

(Even, my usually not attached cowboy of a husband is interested in trying to save him)


  1. I have no experience but I wish you well!!
    (yay Beau!!)

  2. Is it a complete break? Or a fracture? I haven't actually done a break but I know it's been done (lot's of expensive horses around where I live) - my vet was telling me about a supplement that's really good - of course I can't remember the name but I'll find out and send the name. Good luck. I used to use Pureform - Performance One with my rope horse (it has glucosimine (not spelled right) and MSM in it - great for joints). If you have any questions fire me off an email (from my site). I feel for you guys.

  3. I saw a weanling colt break a leg (cannon bone, greenstick fracture,) and the equine vet I worked for at the time said it was worth trying to save him- so she designed and applied a cast. It worked- the leg healed, the colt lived, and went on to be a nice trail mount.

    As long as it is not an open fracture (ie: no breaks in the skin) I'd go for it. What have you got to loose? ;) Sounds like he will be a good patient, and has a lot of "value" to your family!

    Oh- supplements- we use Flex-A-Min Complete (for people.) We get it at Wal-Mart. Contains MSM, Glucosamine, Chondrotins, and Hylaronic Acid. Worth a try!

  4. I am inclined to agree with Mrs. Mom. The following answer to my googling did offers some useful advice.Good luck and let us know how it goes

  5. Okay - the supplement is made by Kinetic and is called Chondrogen EQ. It has glucosamine, chondroitin and Sodium Hyaluronate. This is the stuff my vet uses (my mare with the hock issue is on it), I also use Tiz Whiz 16% Feed. It doesn't make the horses hot. (That's what I feed when something needs a little extra.) Hope this helps.