Monday, May 25, 2009

Sick boy gets his favorite - PANCAKES - And a Recipe for you

Well, my little boy (NEWLY HAIRCUTTED boy) is felling ICKY. So, am making his favorite, pancakes!

I have been inspired by the gals over at Iowa Corn Dog Blog, so here's our recipe!

2 cups Flour (I use Pauls Grains Whole Wheat)
2tbsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
4 Tbsp Vegetable Oil (I use whatever variety I can find locally)
6 Tbsp Sugar (haven't found any Iowa Sugar, so sometimes I use honey instead)
2 C Milk (Picket Fence)
2 Eggs (from the back yard, YUM)
1/2 tsp salt (I usually forget to add it, and they still taste great)

I keep all the dry ingredients in a jar, so when I'm ready to make my Pancakes, I just throw 2+ cups in a bowl, and add the wet ingredients.

This tastes great with the whole wheat flour, and even better when I use Local Honey.

To top our Pancakes we use REAL Maple Syrup (anyone know of Iowa Maple Syrup?) or Honey.


I'll post the pics of Squeak and the Girls' haircuts later.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where have I been???

Everywhere, but online.....

More like where haven't I been???

The chickens got a new pen. And then they got out, ALOT. And then the dogs got 9 of them. BAAAADDDDD DOGGIES!!! Now you (doggies, the "pups") get to wear your pretty little shock collars ALL. the. time. And Momma will let you know that the chickens, they have started "biting" back. [meaning that I buzz them with a 4 or 5 when they start stalking my chicks]. It has now been 5 days with no more chicks dissappearing. They only touch the chicks, not the old hens or rooster.

This pretty little bruise (and 6 of its cousins) came from me setting up the harrow, and harrowing the pastures. Yes, I started taking my Floradix (iron supplement) and we have eaten all the liver left in the deep freeze. (ick, but at least I haven't ever had to have a blood transfusion) They have wanted to a couple of times, cause my iron was sooooooo low.

This prettly little bull, had his horns tipped. He was in the beef pen, but he grew up really nice, and he still has his nuts, so he might get to "visit" a couple of cows at the house this summer.

This heifer, however, got to get her horns surgically removed. We prefer to de-horn at birth or weaning, but sometimes we miss them. This heifer appeared to be scurred (little buds that won't grow very big) at weaning.
If we don't de-horn the heifers, they become cows with GREAT BIG HORNS, that get in the way. AND, they learn how to "use" their horns and can be very mean to the other cows and can even cut them or puncture them with their horns.
I only had a couple of minutes this morning, then, I'm back outside working. I'll post more snipets, and hopefully get some good pics soon too!