Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anti-Gell is supposed to NOT GEL

So, if y'all don't know, I drive a Diesel truck. The "good" truck is a Dodge 3500 Diesel Dually. The "farm" truck is a 99 F350. Both are Diesels.
IOWA IS COLD IN THE WINTER!! Duh.... it was -22 this AM.

So, last night we parked the Dodge in the barn, and pulled the Ford in (it was hooked to my 40 foot pig trailer). We dutifully plugged both trucks in. We had put Anti-Gel in both trucks. I had filled up the Ford in Osceola, with blended fuel, and still added anti-gel.

We got up this AM, and Beau volunteered to go start trucks, and chore. No go....My "white" truck (Ford) is cold blooded and wouldn't start. Jumped it, no start... MyLove, comes in to warm up. Did I mention the windchill? No, well it was like -40 or something crazy!! MyLove again asks, did you add Anti-gel?? Yes, I added some of the stuff in the headache rack. Ok, and out he goes with some Diesel911 (wonderful stuff to fix gelled up trucks).

He adds the 911 and VROOM, no really, it was more like PUT, put, PUT, PUUUUTTTT, DoIhaveToVrro o o mmmmmmmmMMMMM.

Did I mention that it was now past 8am. The bus had already picked up the kids and my honey was late for work (he is a good one)?

Called, my guys at the pig barn, and off I went. Hauled my baby pigs, and ran south to get some new haystabbers for my flatbed (don't ask, I bent 'em all up). Fed kids, and kept supper warm for a still choring honey.

Ooops, there is the frozen hunk now.....

So, back to the title. After we started the Ford, MyLove noticed the entire jug of Anti-gel on the flatbed of the Ford..... WAS GELLED! How crappy is that? Not going to buy that brand any more!! Beau had used a different brand (our usual) in the Dodge. Solution found, bad anti-gel!!

Going to return it to the store tomarrow, and ask them what is the point of adding Anti-gel, to the diesel, if the stuff will gell when it is pure?

How did y'all stay warm today??

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  1. YIKES!!!!!!! that's nutz!!! glad it worked out -eventually :)

    I stayed warm by starting the day by making 2 dishes to go to Aunt Sue's best friend's house for family in town for the funeral. warm fuzzy

    is tomorrow our last day of this freeze??