Friday, October 11, 2013

Be a CowPuncher at the Ebersole Ranch

Would you like to be a CowPuncher at the Ebersole Cattle Co?

First, what IS a CowPuncher?

The dictionary defines it simply as a Cowboy.

To us a CowPuncher
  • Ranch Supporter
  • Ranch Help
  • Spectator
  • Receives Monthly Beef
Many of you have asked for a Beef CSA, or a way for you to fill your little refrigerator/freezer with beef each month.  So... Here We Go!

As a CowPuncher you will get a Punch card that lets you CHOOSE your monthly beef options.
~Delivery to East Village in Des Moines each month
~You don’t need a deep freeze to fit all your beef! 
*~*You will also get special access to Ranch work & activities like cattle drives!


Several Sized Options to fit your family

Full CowPuncher – 200  pounds/yr  

Half CowPuncher – 100 pounds/yr  

Tiny CowPuncher – 50pounds/ yr 

Remember - YOU get to choose what you would like delivered each month!  Your total CowPuncher Card will include about 1/3 Steaks - 1/3 Ground Beef - 1/3 Roasts & Special Cuts

Ground Beef CowPuncher  

200# Ground Beef/yr

Half Ground Beef CowPuncher

100# Ground Beef/yr