Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Day OFF the farm, kind of

Well, early this AM, we did chores and loaded up the beef. Then, I met the bus at another family's house, and ran the beef to the locker about 45 min away.

Then, I got to have some fun. I ran to the DesMoines Cloth Diapering meeting (playgroup). I haven't got to go for about 4 months. Fun, talking with other like minded mothers.

Then, I stopped by the Gateway Market in Downtown DSM. I wasn't that impressed. I don't think I will return.

Then I had lunch with my dad. Squeak had tons of fun!! So did I. Dad decided that he would follow us to the Dodge dealer, and run around while my oil change was getting done. We picked up some new PVC to try on 7-Up's leg. Then we drove to some parks around Indianola. We went down to Aquabi. We wanted to drive down to the lake. We pulled into the park and stopped before a big hill because the road was covered in ice! Well, we stopped the car a little too late. We were 20 feet past the dry pavement on a hill, in a car.

Tried to back up. Slid farther down the hill. WE WERE STUCK...... We were still having fun!!! You see, when I was little Dad & I got stuck everywhere. Dad says we weren't stuck, cause you could still see the top of the car. We squirreled the car around, and Dad ended up pushing, and we got onto the dry pavement.

Picked up the truck, (won't be going back to the Dodge dealer, ongoing customer service issues), ran to Osceola and picked up my pig trailer for Thursday (early, cause it needs some modifications). The girls were off the bus (@ home)when I was 1/2 hr from home. They did okay and didn't kill each other.

After I got to the house we had a good night and made some Potato Bread. We'll see if it turns out good, and I might try to remember what I put in it, and post the recepie for y'all.

Whew!!!! That was rambling, but that's what a blog is for, Right??
Night, wish me luck tomarrow. I'm going to take Squeak to daycare, and work on ranch stuff.


  1. Rambling is good! ;-) It was interesting rambling, for sure. That potato bread sounds yummy!

  2. what a great day!!! thanks for the Gateway report I have been curious! you took care of that for me! lots of luck to 7up & the potato bread! :)