Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas List

So, for many years now my mother has been asking me for a list of things for me and the kids. I think I will finally post this mostly just for her!!

1~ I would like one of these Williams-Sonoma Whip cream makers.
2~ I lovvvveee Hot Chocolate so, whip cream is a necessity, and any flavor of dark hot chocolate is ALWAYS wonderful.
3 ~ Gift Certificates for clothes are great! Even though I am still not the size I don't want to be, I still have to be clothed.

1 ~ Slug barrel for his Benelli 12 Gage (Beau says please don't, it's too expensive, more than the gun cost)
2~ new Socks - Tall Justin Socks like these
3~ He also needs more Hunter's Orange, maybe a hat, or some gloves.

Mom did ask a month ago, and we ok'ed the purchase of a Wii for the girls. So far we have the following games, and I am looking for more recommendations!
Wii Sports
Wii Sing
Wii Games
Wii Fit
Wii Music

1~ Books, She is into the Nikki Series by Ann Howard Creel (it's an AmericanGirl series) She has books one and two of the Nikki Series. Any and all dog and dog training books would be great.
2~ She would like a pink Saddle Blanket.

1~Books - any and all level 1 Readers. She is reading voraciously and really enjoys any and all books. She is also just beginning Level 2 Readers.
2~ She would love to have another pair of boots, as hers are very worn thru (she told me PINK today 12-3).

1~ Hammer and toolbench set. I also like this one from Magic Cabin, in fact I LOVE, LOVE all of their stuff! It is all natural and mostly made of natural products, not a lot of plastic! (I'm in a natural, I hate plastic phase)
2~ Clothes He is wearing an 18 month size outfit right now and I think this will still fit him for a while.

Sorry VERY Sorry for the Materialistic post, but I just wanted to help family that reads this blog and still thinks (mistakenly) that they need to buy us things. They don't by the way, just being wonderful the way you are is enough. I will update this post as more things come up that I know they want, and or have been bought for them.

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  1. what a great list!!! I saw there is a Wii yoga + mat available :)