Monday, November 17, 2008

Home on the Hilltop

Well, Yesterday sure was a long day!! But we moved 'em! The cows all circled the Jeep well and then followed me over one hill. Beau and Branden were on horses and helped move the stragglers along. They followed me down the hill and chased me thru the creek.

Then it happened!!! The Jeep Quit!! You see something "popped" when I put it in 4 Low (Four wheel drive, Low Gear) The creek is pretty deep and the bank out of it is very steep. I made it up part of the hill, and the cows are circling and beginning to stop and wander. UH OH!!!

So, I got out, grabbed a feed bag and took off running! I had to run, or get mobbed by a bunch of hungry cows that just want my feed! Did I mention the HILL???!!! This hill is very steep, probably a 45degree incline. I had to RUN 75 yards UP!!! But halfway up I couldn't, my lungs were on FIRE!! The cold air and this out of shape body did not get along. And remember, we are in a part of the pasture that is not grazed, so it is 2 ft deep tangled grass.

I finally made it to the top!!! Then I had to open the gate, before the cows got there...... Barbed wire gates and I do NOT get along. But my wonderful husband had just a twisted wire for me to open. YEAH!!!!

The cows were right on my tail and they went to the hilltop to talk with the other group already there. Beau and Branden went back down for one slowpoke. (We let her go slow, she is 14 and has had a great calf every year) WE did it with no problems!!

Then we did have to get the Jeep to the top of the hill and leave it there for another day!

Hope you enjoy my little RanchLife stories and yes, it is ok to laugh at this little girl enjoyin life on the Ranch.

I'll have the story of the afternoon's activities later, hopefully with some pictures.

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  1. can't wait to see pictures!!! what did the kiddos think of you running off?? ;)