Thursday, November 6, 2008

History of us

Hi, My name is Shanen Ebersole. My family and I run Ebersole Cattle Company. In this first blog I will tell you a little history of us and our farm.
My husband and I turned 32 this year and we have 3 children. Addie is 8, Jolene is 5, and Wyatt is 11 months old. We have just move our farm this summer from Decaur County to Ringold County Iowa. This move has only moved our family 38 miles, but we have completely changed our lives forever (for the better).
Here's a little more about that move and Why it is better. Last year at this time, Beau (husband) managed a LARGE cattle ranch and we had our own 440 acre ranch. We were over stressed had no time for the children we had and I had not seen Beau for more than 1 hr each night for at least a month (i'm really not kidding). We just moved from one house to another that this other ranch owned. And, I was caring for 400 cows by myself. Oh yeah and I was 9 months pregnant. Beau did make it for Wyatt's birth, but the birth was complicated and ended in an emergency C-Section. This was really an awakening moment for all of us. It made us remember that FAMILY is the most important thing. This set a LONG list of changes into effect.
Beau left the BIG ranch, We sold our large ranch, moved again 3 times, and started building our New 160 acre ranch.
We are here now and loving it.
My next blog will tell y'all about our current ranch and our operation.

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