Monday, December 8, 2008

Time Out!!!

Momma needs a TIME OUT!!! Can I do that?? Well, I need to. I think that if tomarrow is nasty like they say, I will do just that. Today was both an AWFUL day and a great day.
First the Awful -
Squeak had a Dr apt. His 1 yr checkup. So, he is back on track for weight (23#) and Height (29.5 in) and his head is huge 90% (Daddy has a huge melon). He had to get shots!!! EEEEKKKK!!! Since his stitches in September, he HATES!! to be held still. So he pretty much didn't breath during the 5 pokes in the leg for his shots. I would be supprised if his ankles aren't bruised from where their hands were. He was kicking so hard they had to hold really tight. Then, we had to do the lead testing!!! They had to draw a WHOLE VIAL of blood from his little bitty arm! As soon as she took his arm he was mad, no PISSED that he was gonna get it again. I was holding him facing away from me in a chair. His left arm was under mine, across his chest. One lady was holding his arm, while the other drew the blood. He was kicking and screaming and trying to BITE them. My baby is severely traumatized!!! I was crying and he was crying and I am SOOOO thankful my kids are healthy!!! I can't imagine having to do this to my baby all the time!!!

The good part -
Tonight was the girls' Christmas Concert. They did great!!!! Grandma and A went shopping this weekend and picked out some pretty special and Festive Dresses. The girls loved them!! They were sooooo cute! They both sang great, and I could even hear them!!!!

Now can I whine again?? No, I think I'll just go to bed and put my COLD feet on my husband and warm them up.

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  1. OH NO!!!!!!!!! poor baby!!! think he'll ever get over it?? that stinks!!! do we have photos of the girls all dressed up??