Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dogs and their love

Today, I was just neighborly(sp). I helped our 80 something neighbor take his calves to town to be vaccinated and castrated. Sounds simple, RIGHT! Wrong. First, the truck was in the barn (remember, we don't have ANY rock) and it has been raining for 3 days. After I got the truck out, I had to hook up to the trailer, try to go to town and get diesel, and then I could help Don.

Helping was the fun part, the mud wasn't. Don fell in the calf pen & I just about had a HEART ATTACK!!! His wife just laughed and said he does it all the time. We easily got the calves in the small pen, trailer backed up and then it was time to load.

Forgot to mention that when I was unsticking the truck, I put the dog on the flatbed (of the truck) and left him there...... Chili, (Beau's Dog). The calves didn't want to move, so I called the dog..... Just for his presence, It usually helps.... It didn't. So, Chili got to help. Poor dog was sooooo excited he just bout flipped out cause he got to help. Calves were on the trailer in 2 seconds with NO hassles. Chili got LOTS of prais and we headed into town.

Showed up at the vets office a little early and waited. Unloaded calves and started working. The guys were all inside so it's lil ole me by myself. Chili couldn't stand it!! He was on the truck whinin barkin the ENTIRE time I tried to move a calf. They didn't want to go in the barn ('cause Don was standin directly in front of 'em) and Chili wanted them to go, so I let him help. You'd of thought I hung the moon.

SHHH, don't tell Chili he only got to help move like 20 head. He LOVED IT.. Remember, this dog 'bout died when Beau left the ranch. Chili has been in heaven today. But he hasn't figured out yet that he ain't sleepin in the bed tonight. He was covered in slop and mud. I love that dog, and he loves cow-workin.

It was a GREAT Day.

And, while I was workin calves, the girls were at home for an entire hour after school and didn't kill each other. Squeak was in the truck with us and taking his nap.


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