Monday, November 10, 2008

Green Washer

Well one of the ways I love to go green is to use my new clothes washer!!! I love my Washer!! I have a Frigidaire Front load Washer and dryer. We chose theese because of the following....
1 - Less Water
2 - Front Load
3 - More Laundry done at one time!!!!! I can do 8 pairs of my husbands DIRTY (cowmanure crusted 40' inseam) jeans.
4 - Less Soap. I have used half of the suggested HE soap and am LOVING IT!!!!
5- Easier to get clothes out!! I am 5'0" and love my pedestals and that I can get everything out without stretching to the bottom.
6 - MADE IN THE USA!!!!! This was the ONLY front loader, washer and dryer that can say this!!!
Today is laundry day, so you can understand my love today of all days!!!
Oh yeah, the dryer is the fastest too!

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