Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mental Health Crisis Avoided

Y'all be happy to hear that I wont need therapy (at least this week). My mental health crisis has been avoided. You know that the past two weeks we have been moving cattle, and you might have noticed that horses were involved. But, did you notice, that my time on a horse has been limited to mere moments (can't spell minuets, see). And you might also know that I have a young son (11 1/2 months) and was pregnant the summer before. So I haven't had much horse time in the past @ YEARS!!!! This makes momma CRAZY, STRESSED, UPSET, and NUTS!!!

So, today I had to water the cows locked in the corral. They didn't get water this morning (the knocked the hose out, made a huge mess and pissed off the husband) so they were THIRSTY!! I started the water and waited and was mobbed by at least 20 cows (only 5 can drink at a time). I shooed those away, remember I'm standing in ankle deep mud. The cows kept coming back. Koda (Dakota Red Buck) came to get a drink and was just standing there nicely being petted........ so I jumped on. Then I remembered Squeak asleep in the truck, and an emergency room trip from this same sort of incident (bareback horse, no bridle, water tank met arm, not broken) and I hopped off and got the bridle.

I came back and actually put the bridle on and then AHHHHHHH I hopped on!! You can feel the stress leaving my body!! I decided that the cows should be in the other pen, because there would be less fighting if the tank was filled before they drank. Koda and I went to the other end of the pen and proceeded to move em out. AHHHHHHHH more stress leaving my body. OOOO that is the out of shape c-section tummy saying that it needs much more work to be this ready for a horse with this much "cow" (read - he cuts and turns faster than I can hold my stomach in).

SOooooo, I'm back in the barn getting - imagine this - a saddle. Novel concept.

All saddled up and AHHHHHHHH!!!!! This is it!!! A Great horse, a great ride, something to do (move cows to other pen, sort some back to drink, repeat, just for the hell of it).

AHHHHHHHHH!! Mental Health Crisis avoided. Koda is an awesome horse, moves great has too much cow in a muddy pen with an out of shape stomach, and it was absolutely wonderful.
You may be wondering what about Squeak?? Well, when he woke up, I rolled down the window and played peek a boo with him. Meaning that I loped, and trotted in and out of his line of vision and kept him interested.

AHHHHHHHH!!!!! A good ride will fix me EVERY time!! Even when I didn't know I was that stressed out.

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