Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankfulness is natural

Thankfulness. That word is a mouthful, but the things it brings to mind are simple. God. Family. Farm. Cows. Horses. Nature. Natural.

I am thankful for all of theese things and each one is dependent and brought to us by the others on my thankfull list.

God gave us our family, and gave us to our families. We need to remember that without Him, none of theese things are possible.

Our families are a gift from God and we need to treat them as sacred gifts. We need to make sure that we are always, ALWAYS thankful and loving towards our families.

Cows are also a special gift we are entrusted with. We show our respect and appreciation for these cattle by lovingly raising them for their intended purposes. Wonderful beef and great mothering (or siring) abilities. We should all treat them with nothing but the utmost respect and care for the entire time we have them, including their harvest. This means we should also enjoy all the beef and byproducts entirely and not waste anything.

My horses are my wonderful luxury. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity at a young age to enjoy the love of a horse. That pony was (and is) my best friend through all of those rough adolescent years. I am so thankful that he was there to listen to all of my problems, and to help me learn to love each and every animal on the planet.

I am thankful for nature. This sounds simple and plain, and that is just the way I mean it. I love each and every sound and thing in nature (even the annoying Asian LadyBugs).

I am thankful that we are natural. I love that we can put a calf back in his natural environment (grass) and it will grow and mature into natural, wonderful beef. I love natural pasture and letting nature show us what we need to do to improve. I am thankful that God made it natural for us to love him and life on the ranch.

I am also thankful to the wonderful, creative people that read and enjoy my blog.
I hope all of you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay safe!


  1. so very Real Shanen!! love it!
    we went counter top 'shopping' last night & I am sooooo researching the GREEN counter tops!! :) thank you for making me more GREEN conscious!!

  2. I love your blog!! I am so jealous of your life!!! I wish i was a cowgirl and horse girl. My boys love that stuff!! ;)