Friday, November 21, 2008

Fences, and the holes an Old Pony can find.

Hi All, sorry I haven't had any more fun or funny stories lately. I've been busy keeping track of the horses and colts.

Earlier this week, I was in the house working on the books and Beau calls from in town, and says we have horses @ the neighbors. That was unusual and very alarming, since our closest neighbors are over 1& 1/2 miles away. So, here we go. I throw Wyatt (turns 1 year old next month) in the truck, grab some grain and hop in the truck.

Sure enough, I get close and see my pony (yes, he was mine in 5th grade so he is 23 and been getting out for many years) in the middle of the road. I turn the truck around and put some grain on the tailgate. Kenneth (my pony's name) was a little leery of eating, because he's done this before and knows he's in trouble. But the 3 others he brought with him gobble it up. I finally get the halter on Kenneth and hop in the truck with the leadrope thru the driver's window. Off we go... slowly. He walked and trotted all the way home grudgingly. The others thought it was fun! They were playing and winnying to the others that were still in the pasture. They were even happier when they were put in the pen with the colts and the alfalfa hay! Kenneth was happy then, also because that is what he does best, taking care of his babies. You see, he was going to go in with the colts anyway because he teaches them how to eat and that humans are great for tasty food and scratching.

The other horses are now back in the pasture, pouting because they don't have the fresh hay. Oh well, if I could only find the hole in the fence before they do again.

If any of you live nearby and want to get in on the fun of cattle work, we will be hauling the cows home this weekend. So, call me and we can set it up.

We will also be making our final beef calf selections. So, if you want to purchase beef shares, call or e-mail me so that I can get the specifics that you would like. We will then sort for GrassFed Beef or CornFed Beef.

The colts have already started eating better with Kenneth and are becoming more sociable. We have some great fillies and colts that are for sale! We will also be driving the Mares back to pasture this weekend a sight you will love to see!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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