Saturday, February 14, 2009

Whew!!! It's done!

Well, I've been on what most call a blogation (blogcation? Blog vacation). It was, only because I was working NONSTOP on Calving heifers, and getting ready and handling the IA Maine Anjou Beef Expo Show and Sale.

It's done.

I'm Tired.

My wonderful parents-in-law watched all 3 kids and my cows, while we were in Dsm Wed and Thursday. I'm and admitted control FREAK, and this caused much distress! (But I'm really trying not to complain! and I'm really lucky that Squeak was alive when I got home. OOPS, forgot, not complaining!!)

I did find out on Monday, that the childcare I have for Squeak on Mondays is AWESOME!! When I said I didn't know the plans for this week (cause I didn't know if my childcare would bail on me) Esther said, she would take the kids for me. And she meant it. She did warn that squeak might have bruises on him, from her girls fighting over him. SO SWEET!!!

Tuesday, was a rough one. Honey and I went out to feed all the pens hay early, and in the second to last pen, the IH1466 (tractor) BROKE!. Uh oh! Well, we'll just mix the ones that don't have hay (2yo colts) with the heavy cows. Then after the girls were off to school, I drove the White truck (the one that has our hay spears on it) to the shop... Did I mention that It was broke down too?? In Dsm (the Big City), I had the dealer drive me to my parent's where I promptly stole one of their vehicles (THANKS DAD!!!), and took care of all the stuff at the fairgrounds for the Beef Expo (THANKS BRAD n JULI!!!). Then I headed south (home) to pick up my trailer for my sub-driver on Thursday, and tried to get the house ready for us leaving (again for Expo). It was too nice out and Branden and his girls stopped over, and the kids rode the horses around . Oh well, you gotta have fun, and it really doesn't matter if your house is trashed, right???

Wednesday, we were off and running early. Had two heifers trying to calve when we needed to leave (Sorry Abby, you will really get your beef! I PROMISE!!) I arrived just before Check-in of calves, and it went pretty good. Only one person who didn't have their paperwork in order and wanted to give ME grief about it.

More grief at the banques in a smart ass style from same person, n that was IT! I'm done, I will not volunteer for this job next year... Then came the awards part of the banquet. Have I mentioned that Honey is the President of this association, and we have been trying to finish up the awards this year, and getting nowhere with all of the old board members, that decide these things? And so, we had NO idea that they were awarding Honey and I as the Maine Members of the Year. Wow, They do appreciate all the work we do. Honey was being a SmartA$$ later, and asked me if they "bought another year with, the coat they gave me?" Did I mention there was plenty of Crown N Dr. Pepper at this banquet, and Honey hadn't eaten all day? So, he was unusually outgoing, after only one of his (think, half a glass of Crown Royal, with a quarter glass of Dr. Pepper). The banquet was fun, and I was slightly convinced that I was appreciated, and might, do the sale again next year.

Thursday was the day of the Show and Sale. It went pretty well! The cattle sold good and were very consistent in their prices. The Bulls Averaged $2350 and Heifers averaged $2655. We had a couple of calves over 5000, but after that prices were very consistent, with only a couple of calves below the average.

I had a system, so we were done with the closeout by 6pm! WOW!! Last year we were there until after 9pm. and the sale ended before 5pm.

Then It was back home. When we got home all was well. Girls were asleep, house wasn't quite a disaster, Valentines were ready, no dead calves. Then I went to our room to go to bed. (Squeak's bed is in there). And. I. Found. An ADULT PILLOW, and 4 BLANKETS in bed. With. My. BABY! He was VERY tangled. OMG!!! I am SOOO Lucky he wasn't dead. (I really hope those P-I-L) don't ever read this blog...) Really, I'm trying hard NOT to complain, but the US Government spends millions a year educating people about SIDS and how to prevent it! And she is a NURSE! I thought she would know these things. I really wasn't joking when I said that I hoped my kids wouldn't die when they were watching my kids. I'm still not over this, and I won't be. NEXT TIME THE KIDS R COMING WITH US!!! Even if it IS Cold!! I can't do this. I was sooooo stressed out, and I found out I DID HAVE A REASON to stress! Yikes!!

Now, I'm off to think of something romatic, and loving to do for my honey! I have the movie Fireproof, and think it will be a good one to snuggle up with tonight.


  1. OMgosh lady you were busy! I relate to my parents not being good babysitters. I'll never forget walking in on my Mom giving my 20 month old popcorn! How exciting all that stuff sounds! I take my kids all the time for stuff like that, I usually find a teenager that likes my kids and bribe em with a nice 20 dollar bill. They have fun and I can keep my eye on them!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I don't know that I would let my mother-in-law babysit my child, which is a dog! Lord have mercy! Congrats on the award and glad all the kiddos were breathing when you got home.

  3. Wow, glad everything is OK. Hubby and I snuggled up to firproof, a few weeks ago :0)