Sunday, February 1, 2009

Puppies - New pictures - Reasons you need a puppy!

So, I know I haven't put new pics up for a while. Here you go. Rosie (Dam)is in my profile picture. Well, here are some updated pictures.
I would like $250 for the merle and $150 for the Black Tri's. Sire and Dam (sorry, we're cattlepeople)are both very good working dogs.
I love this cross because the Heeler (sire, named Chilli) is very strong and unstoppable when it comes to an agressive cow. Chilli is my husband's dog and would protect my husband with his life. I take him when I help work our neighbors cattle, and he also watches me. He will take directions from me also. The only reason I have been taking Chilli, is so that Rosie (could stay home with the pups).
Rosie is a mini-Aussie registered with the National Stock Dog Registry. She is a large mini at 19 inches. Rosie was a slower dog to go to work (around 9 months) but now she would do ANYTHING for me. She has ridden with me every day of her life, except for when she has had pups. This is her second litter. Rosie always has the look that she does in this picture. She just wants to know what I want her to do? She'll go for a run with the kids, or she'll help me walk in a pair, or she'll load a trailer very aggressively.
On a personal note, my youngest child is just a year old. While pregnant, Rosie was very protective of me. When Squeak was born, she would not leave his side. When anyone else would hold him, she would sit by them and "come get me" when he fussed or cried. She is simply wonderful with the kids and will let them do anything to her (so will Chilli). I truly believe Rosie and Chilli would die to protect me or the kids.
We kept two of the last litter, for our girls, and they are working great, and staying right with their girl. Another one of last year's pups is started by another friend, and proving VERY aggressive. We have started ours slower, but they have the drive and are intent on their mission.
If you think you might be interested in a pup, just drop me a note or comment, and I'll get you my phone number, so we can talk.... on the phone.


  1. Life on the farm looks busy, but fun! Congrats on the new calf and sorry you lost one. I'd love to come check it out sometime.


  2. I meant to say beautiful puppies!! I used to have a blue merle Australian Shepherd when I was a kid. He was awesome!