Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nothing to report

Well, our life is boring....
Feed Cows
Check Cows and Heifers
Feed Calves
ooo a different thing - Gather Eggs
Check cows (listen to them screaming at you the entire time to "FEEEEDDD MEEEE")
call the house yelling "we got feet" (meaning that a set of calf's feet are sticking out of a heifer's hooey)
Then you repeat the above list
"Yeah, another calf ! It's a HEIFER!" (this is our first 26T2 out of a registered Angus cow, so it'll be a very exciting halfbood)
Then you keep repeating the above list over, and over, and over. Remembering the midnight heifer checks, just incase. And even if we don't PLAN on a Midnight heifer check. My body doesn't remember this, and wakes me up anyway. And Squeak is liking to wake up at 2:30 or 3. Just as I'm getting back to sleep really good.

On another front, I think I'm finally ready to take the homeschooling/unschooling plunge! I really have to meet up with the Iowa group this Thursday on "park" day. J doesn't have school, so she'll get to tag along and maybe meet some friends. They didn't have shool on Friday, and so we "did school" on Friday.

You will really be amazed by the things that my girls want to learn (and did) about.
Context - how and where you say something matters, and what you were saying before makes a difference too.
Spine, and types of muscular and skeletal structures. Cartilage structures too.
I was totally suprised by what they wanted to learn about, and happy that I could discuss these things in detail. We even used a puppy demonstrator or two, to show the different structures, and how they are the same or different for different species.
We learned and discussed all the different species on our farm too. I have two that we didn't research to find. Chickens and they wanted to know Goats. Ladies help! What is their proper species name? (like bovine, canine, equine)

Now, I just have to find out who I need to contact, so that we are "allowed" to homeschool/unschool. But, I think I can do this!!


  1. I liked your report on "nothing". :) Good luck and best wishes on the homeschooling!!!

  2. I so understand the boring life! I do the same thing every day of every week it seems. Good luck with the homeschoolin'.

  3. YOU CAN DO IT!!! emailing you a blog i read about homeschooling & how it works for them.

  4. Good luck on your new adventure! Goat is caprine btw, I'll have to look up chicken. Congrats on all the calves!

  5. We'll see you Thursday, then;) Check out It has more of that legal stuff for making the switch in Iowa. I think J is still young enough you can just yank her without too much trouble, though. Post on the idea list. They would know.