Monday, February 2, 2009

This Weekend, and Music on the Ranch

Well, after loosing our first calf this weekend, the rest of it went pretty well. We did move cows on Saturday, and weaned and worked the fall calves. A friend came over with his two girls. I love my barn!!! Sorry, but I do!! Even though the entire working system isn't finished, we have the working chute set up where the roping chute will eventually be, and it works well. Honey and I were able to sort all the calves off easily and move colts around so they have a pen next to their mamas.
That's where we get the music. Mama cows singing and crying and SCREAMING for their calves. Some take it harder than others. Those are the one's that give us fits. But, not really this year. Because of our wonderful new pens. Steel Pipe pens. That means, unless they jump really high (6 feet) no cows are getting out and going for a run. I am SOOO thankful for our new setup! You see in the past years, cows were always out! And calves would get back out to their mamas. And then its a mess! The cows know they are about to get separated, again, and head for the hills! So, this year, when I hear a cow bellering in the middle of the night, I go back to sleep (unless it's my turn for heifer check). I can sleep because of our wonderful new pens, and knowing that everyone is in their proper place! And honey is sleeping this year, because I'm not dragging him out of bed to chase cows in the dark!
Then, as you see in the picture above, we let the girls ride. We even put on saddles later for them. The girls were able to ride inside the open end of the barn, while we worked the calves. It was great! Squeak was taking a nap in the truck, and the girls were in heaven. I love these old horses! The paint was my first pony. He and the Palamino are 24. The sorrel is 13. These three let the girls climb all over them and trade places about a million times. AHH, to be a little girl again, wait, I AM! I never grew out of the love of a horse and the pleasure they bring to me!!

Sunday, we (I mean Honey) clipped a bull, for the Iowa Beef Expo Sale. He turned out GREAT!! And he is such a pet! UH OH, yes, you hear me falling in love with him. And, we do need another bull! We'll see. Hopefully for his owner's he brings a ton more money than we can afford!

Hope you like the pictures, and THINK SPRING!!

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  1. Ah! I'm dying for a ride! Too much ice these days.

    Funny to get excited about fencing, but I hear ya! It's the little things!