Friday, February 6, 2009

A gate and my chin

Yup, Shanen is a Klutz!

My darn chin always gets in the way. I’ll have to tell you about the bicycle accident later. Right now I’m sporting a big black and purple bruised chin. Two days ago in the morning, I’m sitting in my chair reading blogs and watching Squeak play. The night before we trailed the cows back out to pasture and the calves had quit bawling. Then from the south I see a cow go by, and then, the pups were trailing her. These are the now 6 month old pups out of Chilli and Rosie.

I quickly scooped up Squeak, and asked J to sing to him while he was in his crib. I turned Hannah Montana on the iPod radio, and ran out the door, with the real dogs following me. Apparently, I didn’t need to run. The pups put her away. Yup, we hadn’t put the cows in that pen but 2 times, and as I came out the door I watched Lola turn her for Big Dog and they worked together to put her right down the hay pile. I ran for nothing. Huff, Huff, Puff, Puff. I “Stayed” the dogs, and snuck down the fence and opened the gate. I brought the dogs on slow and walked her down the fence line and right into the pen.

Wow! The instinct that is bred into the dogs is AMAZING! They have been following along for about 2 months when we’ve moved cows across the road, and when we moved them into different pens, but as of yet, they haven’t shown anything other than basic interest in herding. They sure surprised me, and impressed me too!

Just goes to show you what good breeding does for an animal. We have 3 more pups bred back the same way that are looking for good working homes.


  1. SHANEN!! you must be careful girl!! yay for the pups! :)

  2. I sure wish we lived closer as I would love to have one of the pups!

  3. okay so how did you hit your chin on the gate? Did I miss that part somewhere? I am pretty dense sometimes.

  4. I was running the gate open, to pen the cow, and watching the "stayed dogs" in a different direction, and the gate hit high ground and stopped. Suddenly. My chin made contact first, and a week later, I'm still sporting a chin that looks like I was punched in the face.... I'm such a klutz!!