Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cloth Diapering, Its Easy

I haven't been on a Green theme lately, so I thought I would bring it up again. Cloth Diapers - GASP!!! No, not really, they're great!!! I love it. As y'all know we live out in the sticks. We live about an hour from the nearest Wal-Mart (try to avoid em like the plague) and 1.5 hrs from Des Moines. I initally started the Cloth Diapers this summer because of the Green Factor. Then I remembered, realized the Cost Benefit, and last but not least the convenience!

I know the convenience thing sounds wierd, but its not. Think about it, I don't live just around the corner from a mega mart, and small town grocery store quality and prices are CRAZY. I never have to worry about running out of diapers. I own about 20 pocket diapers, and ~5 covers and half a dozen prefolds. So, its pretty hard for me to run out of diapers. I have enough diapers for 2 full loads in the washer.

As you can imagine, I really have saved tons with Cloth over "paper"(disposable) diapers. I bought most of my pocket diapers used (slightly & some not used at all) and averaged under $10.00. I go thru an average of 6 changes per day. If you figure on the easy side (hopefully) and say Squeak is potty trained by 28 months, I would be paying $.0019 per diaper change. Paper diapers at costco are $.197 per diaper, at Wal-Mart they average $.25 per diaper, and much higher if I have to buy them here in small town Iowa.

Then you have to figure in the trash factor and the stink. Diapers can not sit in the trash for 2 days and not stink! We usually take out our trash every 2 to 3 days, so if there is a stinky paper diaper in there, it is grossly smelly! We don't have half the trash that we did when we used all paper diapers on the girls.

Don't read this part if you're squeamish........ Some may get grossed out by the poop issue in a cloth diaper, but we have come up with some very easy solutions. Liners, Cloth Diapering stores may sell disposable liners, but I have found some easy recycling way to have my own liners. Old stained, torn or otherwise trashed t-shirts. I cut them up into roughly the size of the diaper and lay them in. When there is only pee, they are just washed with the diaper. In the event there is poo, i just roll it up and throw it in the trash can. Just as easy as a disposable. I have also used wet wipes that go thru the washer (with the diapers) and lay them in like a liner. Finally, I must note that most of my pocket diapers have felt lining and, now that Squeak is eating people food, if you just roll the diaper back the poo will just roll off and I plop it in the toilet and flush.

The Green Factor is also great. I am not creating more petrolium use in creating the disposables. I am not creating tons of waste that will be around for 500 more years. I did buy most of my pocket diapers used, or from a local WAHM (WallyPop) so there was the least possible impact in making my diapers. And, I'm teaching the girls that it isn't so hard to be gentle to our environment.

Now, I must add my disclaimer...... I do use some paper diapers. I go thru a little less than 1 pack a month. That should last the average baby, one WEEK. I use them for in the mornings that I haul pigs, and sometimes when I will be out of the house all day. I'm getting better about using them outside of the house since I have figured out the liner thing.

There, that's my green reminder and contribution for the day. I'm done, 'cause I'm running to the breadmaker that just beeped and said my new loaf of Whole Wheat with Sunflower Seeds bread is done. YUUUUMMMMM!!!!!

Oh yeah, Cloth diapers are easy. It's not the pins and plastic pants you are imagining. They are velcro or snap just like a paper diaper.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA VERY GOOD EXPLANATION!! yes I was terrified when you said you brought him in them that one day but now I wish all my parents cloth diapered!!! I could down size my trash can AGAIN if they did!! from poop to food .. wow what a jump!!! ;) but I need details on that bread!! is it just a ww recipe + seeds or is there more liquid to make up???