Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Do farmers and Ranchers DO?? Shameless cross-post.

I was wondering what everyone here thinks that Farmers and Ranchers Do? I posted this at my Local Harvest site, so its geared more towards farmers and ranchers, but please chime in!

Is there something you would like others to know about your world and job?? Is there something that you were supprised to hear about others??

First, I have to give credit where credit is due. This post is inspired by The Beginning Farmer. Her blog post inspired me to ask y'all the same question. "What is the main thing you would like people to know about your agricultural word?"

I have run itno the same problems as she has. You would be (or maybe not) amazed by the amount of people that think that Ranchers and Farmers are hurting our environment and the earth.

I am amazed that people say that it is wrong to raise cattle for beef. So, if you aren't supposed to make that steer into beef, what are you supposed to do with it?? Beef cattle were put on this earth for exactly that reason. I might even argue that dairy cattle are supposed to become our food once their useful life has run out.

I believe that we aren't doing Gods work if we don't utilize all of the beef that was put on this earth. I also believe that most Ranchers and Farmers improve their environment. We do this for many reasons, most of them profitable, and some for our future generations.

I would like the general public to really understand all of the precautions we go thru to care for our land.

1 - Personally, we make sure that we leave timber areas tall grass areas. We leave these areas so that our cows will have sheltered areas to lay in, and calve in, during the winter.

2 - We don't tear up the land and we don't overfertilize the ground creating run-off to the streams and rivers. We need those streams for our cows to drink, so why would we pollute them? We need that topsoil to grow great grass and feed for our cows, so why would we damage it? We go to great lengths to preserve the earth and improve the dirt so we can improve the grass and grow more beef.

3 - If beef is grown and harvested carefully, it doesn't hurt the animal in ANY way. That may sound wierd, but its true. If you raise your beef cattle in a clean and dry environment, they are comfortable and eat, and grow very healty. If you move them to the harvesting location slowly and smoothly, and you then restrain them properly, they won't feel the pain. It will (and should be) done smoothly and instantly, to prevent suffering. In addition, a facility that is so careful with the live animal will (and should) take those same precautions to handle the meat carefully and cleanly, thus preventing harm to the people that eat it.

I know that this may seem a little off, from my usual stories, but I was inspired. I hope y'all will chime in and tell us what you want people outside of agriculture to know about what you do. I look forward to hearing from everyone!

Remember, high quality beef is GOOD for you! And its good for the cattle and our earth.

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  1. I know just enough to know ya'll work entirely too hard 99% of the time!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think one of the biggest misconceptions I've encountered is that we don't care. About animals, the environment, education. Thanks for the vent. I do agree with you. People need to be educated where their food (and clothes) come from. (My biggest beef - pardon the pun - is when someone who is wearing leather shoes preaches they don't eat meat because it's cruel. Ah - where did the leather come from?)

  3. what people don't understand is that ranchers are better stewards of the land than most everyone else...if you don't take care of the land how can you raise your cattle...