Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Long weekend and Coming home

First, we had a long, but productive weekend. We cleaned up the barn, and got a TON of work done!!! (Thanks Mom and Dad for helping!!) For Christmas, I'm sooo excited, my parents bought me an..............................Electrical Box!! Yes, I am excited. Dad got it all ready and installed it in our barn!! The electric company is supposed to come on Thursday to install it. Then, we'll have electricity IN the barn. Right now, we have over 200 ft of extension cord so that we can plug in the trucks.

Then, we moved the cows across the road. Those cows!!! They didn't want to move into the alley and we fought them for 20 minutes. So, finally I put some buckets the flatbed of the pickup, backed down the alley and honked em into following me. The pigs were on the truck first and drug the rest of the cows with them. After they finally started moving, the followed me right across the road and into the new pasture. They sure enjoyed themselves! This is 120 acres that only had the mares on it this summer. Today they were enjoying digging thru the snow and eating the grass.

We moved the calves to a new pen in the barn and moved the colts and Kenneth into the barn. They were so happy when it was sooo cold on monday.

Speaking of Monday, Monday afternoon I flew out to Dallas, TX. I was hoping to enjoy a heat wave. Well, compared to -45degree windchill, 20 degreees was a heatwave. But those Texans can't drive. Then, add some ice, IT WAS A MESS!!! They were playing bumper cars all over the highway!!
On Tuesday, I endured 4 hours of a rookie Lawyer questioning me in a deposition. Thank god it wasn't an experienced lawyer!! Then, I tried to fly home!! My flight was delayed 2 times, and then on the runway for another hour and in the air for over 2 hours. It's supposed to be 1 hr and 15 min flight. It was longer cause they closed the DSM airport for 45 min, just as we were approaching.

But, in the end, they let us land and I made it home by 9pm.

Today, I got to chore and feed the cows. I am now set to enter all of the cattle for the Beef Expo sale. Check it out at When I get the catalog finished, I'll let you know and you can look at all the calves for sale this Febuary.

I got the mail today, and the sale catalog I have been waiting MONTHS for finally arrived. (Juli had tons of problems with it) Check it out at I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BUY SOME!!!!

Stay warm and enjoy life!!

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  1. welcome back!! I was so hoping you'd be back b4 the storm moved in tomorrow!!!

    totally off topic-plastic! baby bottle liners!!! YUCK STINK!! (I hope you understand LOL)