Monday, April 9, 2012

Perspective - New Boots

I love boots!  When I was younger I had 28 pairs at one time....  I now have expensive tastes & many more things to spend my dollars on than boots.

So way back (wow!) about in 2003, I saw a pair of boots I really liked in Long Creek Outfitters (local western store near us).  But, I had recently bought a very expensive pair of purple ostrich boots..... So, there was no way I could justify another pair of $300+ Boots.  So, I passed....

Every time we went in the store (usually every 2-3 months) I'd oogle the boots, & be thankful for the purple pair I had. 

They were Luchesse's.  My purple boots are Luchesse's.  I love them.  Great fit, super comfortable.

Several years passed & not many of this Luchesse's sold.

 Why?  Well....they were lime green
Yep, wierd AND expensive

So, a couple of weeks ago, My wonderful husband finally went & bought himself a new pair of boots...without trying them on.  Why, well he bought the exact same brand, but a different color than he had.

We went to return those boots.  My everyday boots, are getting quite worn.  So I went to look & possibly buy another pair.  I walked in the clearance room...... The Lime green boots stared at me.  But, they'd called my name for years.  They were the "wrong" size....... What the heck, I tried them on.......

Oh my.... They FIT!!!!

Oh my.  Put them back in the box.
Wandered around for another bit.....
They were on clearance.....
Figured the price.....
Cheaper than a new pair of "regular" boots......
Yep, I did it

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