Monday, April 2, 2012

Calving & Meeting Season

So right now we are in a "break" between finishing calving heifers & beginning calving cows. So, we don't have night checks, but we do have some cows who have decided not to wait....

This morning I was headed out to another meeting, & as usual I checked the "heavy pen" (our pen that we put the cows that are close to calving so it makes it easy after they've calved) before I left. Well, even though chores were finished a half hour earlier & cows were checked, we had feet. So.... I climbed the fence & let the momma in the alley (because she was close to it & had stood up. Red Feet!! Yeah, I love red calves!

Now, I'm a nervous midwife & this was a cow (momma who has had at least one calf); so the kids & I played in the yard for a while. Just so you know, its a 100 yards away & I was listening, but couldn't see her. : )
Sure enough, just about 20 min later, I heard "THE MOO" and went over to check. She had a new calf & was just starting to lick him off. So wonderful! It was a Red Bull!! So that's a positive!

If you check out our Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter, you. Can see a great pic of the new momma licking her calf just moments after it was born.

I know, you must all think that I want all boys, because we sell beef. But, I really want heifers! I love our cows, so each girl we have is one step closer to her being good enough to be a cow. Plus, if you're going to be born a boy, a red one is a skittle different, so he might be good eno ugh to be a bull on someone else's ranch!

Now, I'm in a meeting, blogging & thinking of new calves!!
Hope you're enjoying this great spring weather!

Shanen ~Mama to the Momma Cows @ the ECC

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