Monday, April 9, 2012

Perspective: Farm vs City

Just to very briefly set up this conversation.  I was (don't remember where) in Des Moines, in a public place.  It was near 80 degrees, the first days of April.
As I generally do, I smiled a man standing near me & said "Wonderful weather isn't it!"
Man: "Yes, wierd that its so warm"
Me: "Really is odd but, I'll enjoy it while we have it!" : )
Man: "I sure wish it would cool down, so the grass will stop growing"
      silence as I tried to figure out what to say
Me: "Really? (with a smile still)"
Man:   "Yes, I've had to mow my lawn twice already"
Me:  "Well, most of us farmers and ranchers are loving the early grass to feed our animals"  "But I can understand how it would be frustrating in the city"  "But, yards are great places to put gardens too"
Man: now very confused "Why would I do that"
Me: "oh, its a good way to grow some of your own food"
Man: starting to walk away "thats what stores are for"
Me:  "yes they have food there too.  Enjoy the weather"

Perspective really is a funny thing.

I love meeting new people & learning about their personal culture to expand my perspective.

Or, just to confirm the perspective I DO have.
    Know your Farmer (Rancher); Know your FOOD!!

I'm writing another perspective post to share next week.
I hope YOU enjoy the weather you DO have. 
PS, there is ALWAYS something good to find in each & every thing, meeting, place, thought.

~Shanen, Mama to the Momma Cows @ the ECC

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