Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No really, this is OUR Soapbox!!!

local soaps

The box on the right is MY SOAPBOX!!! I'm so excited about it!!! You see, this soap from Prairieland Herbs has our tallow in it. 

As many of you know, we raise beef cattle.  We sell our beef by the halves, quarters & eighths.  I've always been pretty adamant that we should respect each animal and all that they give us.  That means using everything that they give us at harvest time.  I've tanned some hides (not much success there). We always use soup bones in our house to make stock and for doggie bones.  When others buy beef &don't request their soup bones or organ meats, we save those for friends who feed thier dogs "raw".  We are very adamant that everything go to good use!  Thus, I've been searching for a good use of our tallow!

I FOUND IT!!! Maggie & Donna @Prairieland Herbs talked with their wonderful soapmaker Karla, and returned to an old recipe that has natural, local ingredients!!! Like our Tallow!!  Our family has been using this wonderful, fragrant soap for several weeks and wow!  I was really suprised, its not greasy or stinky.  Its soft and moisturizing & makes a really great lather!!

Btw, I thought of asking Maggie about our tallow because I love tons of her products like the Healing Wand, and her family & doggies  love our beef!!

They have super fast shipping & are also available at their store in Woodward.  I'll be there on Sunday as its one of the Sample Sunday dates.

Thank you to Maggie, Karla & Donna for helping me find another use for another part of our beefs!!


  1. YAY!!! Sheep produce tallow, too, so we may have to look into something like that. Of course, Sarah and I have been thinking of trying our hand at a cold pressed soap, too. I can't wait to try what Karla has made; applejack and oatmeal sounds so autumn-y :)

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!! I need to get some!!