Thursday, July 22, 2010


So, my friend Diana @ Spain in Iowa has a fun Blog hop about simplicity in our lives.

This has me thinking, how am I simple, how can I make our lives more Simple?

I'm in  list making mood, so here it goes...

Simple things we do
Grocery shop once a month - less trips to the store means less junk comes in the house & less diesel to travel
Live in the old house (rather than build a new one right away)
Feed us and our animals REAL foods (whole foods that are recognizeable for what they are)
Keep something until it wears out (or beyond)
We use old machinery (& keep fixing it)
We only have the truck as our family vehicle (the diesel gets great  {15-20mpg} fuel economy too)

Areas we can improve upon
I think that this winter, we'll to NOT buy ANYTHING the month of January! 
Do more canning this summer (even though I once again killed my garden)
Keep working towards growing ALL of our cattle feeds
Work towards year round grazing so we don't need as much hay (thus reducing the need for using the tractors)

What do you do in your daily life to make things simple?


  1. routines! routines are my simplicity key. if everyone involved knows what comes next, there is less stress, less fuss & more enjoying!

    if its a mess, clean it up. no fussing. it doesn't matter who made it or when, atleast he (in my case) cooked dinner, tried a new recipe or took care of himself while I was working, away or otherwise busy. AND by the mess I know he ate real food, took the time for himself, & didn't run out for drive thru!

    hmmm that's all I can come up w/even tho I am not sure its what you were looking for LOL

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