Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Junior Nationals

Right now we're up in a little northern Iowa town for the Maine Anjou National Junior Heifer Show.  The girls brought 3 heifers. We are lucky enough to borrow my parents (new to them) camper & stay at the fairgrounds.  So wonderful to have a place to nap Wyatt & cook (if we want) & get cleaned up during the day.

Well, the weekend up here was great!  We had tons of fun relazing & camping & playing & napping.  Then Sunday came.  Check-in welcome party, more work, a little more play. 
Sunday Night & Monday............well, they just weren't fun.  I ran (5 hours) home to haul my piggies for 5 hrs & then came back up.

Today (Tuesday) we had a Fitting Contest.  A.Cowgirl was in it with 2 other girls from Iowa.  They had so much fun!! I had TONS of fun watching the 3 dads!! 

 Poor guys just couldn't take it as the girls were doing their best job (but it wasn't "right").  They were cringing, shaking their heads & trying not to let the yells under their breath get too loud.  The girls were smiling & working & having fun!!

So far its been a great week!  I'll try to keep you (kim) posted as the week goes along


  1. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE UPDATE :)) and pictures too! whohoooooooooo go Shanen!!!

  2. This is awesome The Team Grooming competition was always one of my favorite. Junior Nationals was the best family vacation every year.


  3. Your comment about the Dad's cracked me up, I think that's true no matter what event or sport your kids do! My sisters and cousins showed Llamas for my Grandparents (They have a llama farm) and it was always so fun to watch them in the ring! Sounds like a great family event, except for the running back and forth to haul pigs part!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

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