Wednesday, January 20, 2010

RANCHER.........NOT Farmer

I always say that we are "Ranchers" not "Farmers".

Why, because I don't grow crops, I don't like machinery, and I don't like firing up the tractor (yes, I know, I said that one twice).

Really, I don't like Machinery.  It breaks, It gets stuck, and then you're in a position that you NEEED to use said equipment to feed the cows & horses.  YUCK!!!

For example, this year (last week) at one point we had a borrowed 4 wheel drive tractor, STUCK, our IH 1486 with a small little hydraulic line broken (discovered after I crashed it into our pipe fence, because I had no steering).  Then I stuck the 1466 trying to pull out the 4x4 tractor  (silly, YES! But he asked me to come help).  Then, while honey was getting dug out (where the 4x4 tractor was) I stuck my Dually.  And yes, the 4x4 is still out on the feed truck!  It wasn't really fixed, I guess. And, our old Ford tractor still won't run right.  UGH!!!

So, In the span of 3 hours we were down from
2 4x4 trucks,
1 jeep
3 tractors
1 borrowed 4x4 tractor
1 4-wheeler

1 2-wheel drive truck
1 Jeep (5 miles from the house where honey was stuck)

I don't L.I.K.E. Machinery!!!

So, that's why I want to be a Rancher!!!  I want to Year-Round Graze.  I don't want to buy a feed-wagon.  I'll just keep carrying buckets.  I really, truly, don't like machinery.  Don't get me wrong, I still want to keep the truck!!  I like going places,  But DARNIT, I want it to run, ALL the time!!

Thanks for listening to my machinery rant.  But, as you guessed it, Honey stuck the jeep this AM.  So, by 8 am we had already been stuck today.  yeah, winter......


  1. I'm all for year round grazing. It's a lot less work and aggravation, plus it costs less. Sorry to hear about your winter woes. It warmed up here, been in the forties for a while now and little wind. There's a big storm on the way though.

  2. :( sorry but I am giggling as I read your frustration in this post.. is that rude?? Chin up & Keep Smilin' :)

  3. I don't mean to laugh - but this sounds like the typical ranch (even farm for that matter!) I think we have all had those days. I like feed buckets too. And I used to have much nicer arms when I was hauling them around ;)

  4. If we don't get a lot of snow we can graze almost year 'round. We still have to feed hay in the winter, but that's it. If it makes you feel better I got my dually stuck in a snow bank. Zach had to bring the big tractor and a hay bale to push me out. Being stuck is NOT fun!