Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I WISH I were the PW today

On days like today I really wish I were PW.  Only so I could have someone do chores so that I could take beautiful pictures of everything.

It is warmer today with weather near 30degrees (ABOVE zero).  The cows were all frosted this morning.  not a cold frost, just a pretty white tip on all of their long hairs.  The mares were absolutely BEAUTIFUL this morning.  The mares' forelocks (bangs) were all frosty.  Their eyelashes were painted white as they were talking to me this morning.  As I cut the net wrap off the round bales on the truck, I WISHED I WERE PW.  I thought of how TRULY blessed I am to live such a life!

Our life is so beautiful, that pictures would still not do it any justice.

Then, I'm back to real life. 
The cows walk out the gate
the sale bull is out with the old bulls (hurry get him in before he gets in a fight!)
Mares & geldings are bickering over who gets to eat where
$%&* there's a dead BEEF!

Now I really wish I were PW.  I wish I could talk about only the positive glamorous life of ranchers.  Not about the real $^&T.  Literally, a life covered in poo!  Death, unfortunately IS part of life on a ranch.  Sickness is a part of ranch life.  Frustration and cash flow is also a part of life on the ranch.

But, PW doesn't post anything near to real life.  Just the fantabulous parts of life on the ranch.  Oh well, I will go ahead and keep reading PW.  She posts really great pictures and all the beautiful parts of life on the ranch.

BTW, you know I don't even re-read my blogs before I post them.  I. Just. Write.
Thank you for listening!!!  I hope to get to take my (point & click) camera out to chore more now that it isn't 20 below zero!


  1. PW is Pioneer Woman. They run a cow/calf ranch in Oklahoma.

  2. I was seeing great pictures, and not taking any, as I drove the tractor this morning. But I wouldn't want to be PW. Although I love her perceptions as she watches, I'd rather be out there in the thick of things. You know, hay blowing in my eyes, face and fingers freezing. You know, those perceptions.

  3. I wish I could post my posts w/out proofing them! I re-read them several times, post them, and then still find errors! :)
    It would be interesting to be PW for a day, wouldn't it? Just to see what it was like in that lifestyle. Sometimes it looks inviting, but I think we have to remember there is more reality going on behind most blogs then what those bloggers want us to see!

  4. PW probably couldn't get a real job on a ranch.........and look that good ;)