Sunday, July 5, 2009

A. Cowgirl's FIRST Cattle Show

A couple of weekends ago we took A.Cowgirl & Sibs to a cattle show. This was a little small town deal, & perfect for A.Cowgirl & Freedom's (her heifer) first outing. She had tons of fun. She asks her daddy every night "do we get to get up @ 5 and go wash Freedom?". So, she did some of everything at the show. Like here she is blowing the hair. She did this for about an hour.

She loves this heifer & the heifer is good to her too. It is a bonus that this heifer is actually REALLY good looking.

A little bit too spread out, but you get the general picture. By the way, we raise Maine Anjou cattle. Freedom is a purebred and is the ORIGINAL coloring of the breed. This breed has been crossbred so much that many of the calves are black (& that's ok). But so many people forget this, and asked (about a million times) if she was a Shorthorn. No, she's not a Shorthorn, just a great Red & White Maine.
I like the red ones, and they are even better if they have a little chrome (white). Guess that's just the horsey girl in me wanting some chrome.

This picture is so cute. The arena was really deep for A.Cowgirl (above her ankles) and Freedom got away from her at the end. The judge picked out the lineup (placing) and A.Cowgirl had NO CLUE that she had won the class. Here is her face right before I told her that she did great AND she WON. You can see Daddy was right there in the ring with her to rescue her when she had some problems & support her mentally.

When they went back in for the Champion Drive. A.Cowgirl was happier and even stopped her from getting away again. She also won again. She was "crowned" Grand Champion New Calf Crop.


Did I mention this calf is out of my 'pet' cow Lacey? Well, she is, so I have a pretty soft spot for Freedom too.


  1. congratulations to her! and the proud mama, too.

  2. This is awesome! My daughter started showing heifers two years ago. I fondly remember all you just described. Kind of a soft spot for me here.

  3. a blog post & PHOTOS!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

    awesome awesome post!! :) what a great day for you all!

  4. WTG for her! What will you do with her heifer? Breed her and raise babies? She is a really nice looking girl! both of them!

  5. OMG!!! good for her!! that is one nice looking calf.. did you guys keep her in a/c to keep her coat long? she is one SWEET looking heifer! the kids pretty dang cute too!! LOL

  6. Her heifer will stay in the herd as a cow & hopefully raise some great calves. Nope Heidi, we don't have a cooler. I just have them in fans all day & sometimes we use a mister system if it is really hot.