Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New 'Do

So, y'all have seen the pictures of my baby boy's beautiful hair. I think I mentioned that it is gone!
Here is a great picture of Squeak & Chilli riding the 4-wheeler. (no they didn't go anywhere, but Chilli REALLY wanted to go move some cows, so he hopped on)

Here's the "before" pic. Daddy & Squeak all hairy. See the deal was that Daddy, HAD to get a real haircut, not just a buzz with the clippers & then I would cut Squeak's hair.

Squeak was NOT into the haircut. We had to pull out the binki to hold him a little bit still. Look at the hairdresser's face. He was giving her FITS!

Here's the finished product. I even got a little smile from DADDY!

I will say that he went from the look of an angel to a troublemaker in a couple of snips. But he's back to my little angel again. Man, boys need their haircut ALL the time!


  1. His hair was so beautiful! I can't believe you cut it, lol! I did the same to my 3 year old and now we're waiting for it to grow back :)

  2. They are both looking quite debonair!

  3. he'll learn that boys gotta have a summer cut soon.

  4. Oh gosh! I bet that was hard to do! But he looks cute as a miniature gentleman too!