Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If you ever think you're having a bad day on the Ranch, DON'T SAY IT OUT LOUD!!!

Well, we were having a rough nite. Cows eating our lunch, trying to gore the horse. Pinning me in the pickup. Calving problems, kids being obstinate, etc. Generally, just a rough nite.

So, we decided to go to town & get supper. Cause it was 7:30, and I hadn't even started supper. We talked about ice cream @ the Dairy Sweet, & wondered what flavor they had on Wed nite. Crap, the line is like 8 cars long & there are 4 people standing @ the window. Amidst the tears, we decided to have Casey's pizza & get some ice cream from their freezer.

So, the girls are eating their ice cream. Squeak is eating a pizza crust, I am talking on the phone to my Mom, & Honey is driving. We noticed in town that something SouthWest of town was burning......We get 5 miles from home, & it is still burning BIG BLACK smoke. We turn the corner 3 miles from the house & I say to mom that the fire is near our house.....

Then we are 1.5 miles from home & I say "SOMETHING AT OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE, gotta call you back" I call 911 and let them know something @ our house is on fire.....

We drive up to the house & see a HUGE fire all in one spot. Exactly where we left the White Truck, cause we were in a hurry. The flames are coming out of the windows, the hood, everywhere! A round bale of hay was 20 feet from it and on fire. We couldn't get to the hay trailer with the pickup, so Honey grabs the tractor & drags it out of the way, cause its tires were getting VERY hot on that side.

So, the old white truck is no more. I haven't looked for a pic yet, but I will. We were lucky. You see we usually park it right in front of the house, and the wind would have caught the house on fire, just like it caught the bale on fire. We were lucky, that we didn't park it in the barn like we do when it is cold. We were lucky, we weren't at home & hurt by the explosions. (Neighbors 5 miles away heard 3 or 4 VERY big explosions)

We were VERY LUCKY that we had hauled all of the hay yesterday. Otherwise we would have BEEN IN the white truck picking up a bale while we were in town.

We are lucky!!!
We are thankful for all the neighbors that stopped by & the wonderful firemen that were here so quickly!!!
I am thankful we had a bad night, & didn't "put the truck away" either in the barn or by the house.
I am thankful!!!


  1. Oh my!!! I'm glad everyone is safe and sound and that no additional damage was done. What a horrible experience, seeing that fire and not knowing what it is! I am thankful with you that it wasn't any worse.
    Good luck with the clean up.

  2. Thank goodness! The lord works in mysterious ways. Perhaps go buy a lotto ticket...

  3. oh my gosh!!!I have goosebumps!! how aweful! but way to find a lot of silverlinings :) so thankful no one was hurt! lmk if you need anything!!!

  4. Wow. Scary. Glad it was only just a truck.

    ps: truck shopping is always fun, right?

  5. I watched my son's car melt literally to the ground after he flipped it on a sharp curve on our dirt road one evening. VERY SCARY!! On the flipside (no pun intended) thank the good Lord he got out of it before it went up. Glad your house was spared!!

  6. wow that does not sound good.. hope everything is ok

  7. Holy cow how scary. It's hard to think about all of the "what if's" and just know that that was meant to be!

  8. Wow! Glad the stars were aligned just right! My dad's truck went up in flames. He was feeding horses and heard something. Turned around and flames were coming out. It burnt to the ground in the alley between the pens. All that was left was a charred body and rims!