Friday, April 17, 2009

Addicts! We're All Addicts

Yup! I admit it, I have a problem! I'm back on the "Sauce". No, people, I'm not an Alcoholic. I'm a DrPepperAholic! I'm seriously addicted to it, AGAIN. You see, I've given up this wonderful juice, 3 times, easily.

Yup, 3 children, 3 separate periods without Dr. Pepper. Each time, as soon as I discovered I was pregnant, I happily (well maybe not with a smile on my face) gave up my habit. At one point late in Squeak's Pregnancy, I was getting a checkup, & my Midwife asked if I still drank any pop. My pre-schooler answered, "Yes, but Daddy always drinks all of it after she gets only two drinks". Yup, he HELPED me not drink my Dr Pepper.

And now, (NO I'M Not Pregnant!) just over a year after my Squeaky one was born, I'm up to at least 3 cans a day, with more, much more if we go out to eat. Crap! Not good! I wake up and I NEED a DrPepper. I'm upset and I NEED a Dr Pepper. Huff! That's it! I'm quitting AGAIN!

While I'm at it, I'm OUTING some other people I know that are Addicts.

The cows are the premium ALFALFA. They will MOOO, and MOOO, and Beller and SCREAM at you until you feed them. BTW, these are the "pets" in the barn who have "special" babies. Wether they are Great babies, or sick babies, they are special mamas. So, we give in, and feed them a little Alfalfa so we can talk without the screaming. But, they are being weaned! No more Alfalfa for you! You will eat regular hay outside the barn. And you will like it! Or, you will at least tolerate it untill the grass is really green.

Oh, and can you see Duke (the horse in the back). He's addicted too! That's why he's in a separate pen, cause he will chase the cows, to get to the good stuff!

And 7-Up! He's addicted too! He has started screaming if he doesn't get enough Hay. Asking 7-up if he needs more alfalfa, is like asking a crack addict if he needs another hit (or whatever you call it).

Chilli is addicted to....The couch! And Snuggling the girls! Wait, he's supposed to be an AGGRESSIVE, Protective MEAN cow-dog! He is, but he loves to roll & snuggle on his back with the girls too. This is a picture of Lola, but you get the idea, girls playing and rolling around with ...GASP! CowDogs. Huh, I tell ya, we need to get these dogs to remember their place. Working Cows!

Uh, oh! Nevermind. Cause Chilli & Rosie sleep in the bed WITH ME! I can't have cold toes, so ..... they get to stay. And I love to watch the girls & Squeak play with the dogs!!

And Squeak! He's addicted to his BINKI! EEEK! Really addicted! When he was a BABY (can you hear me whining?) he would not take a binki (I din't give him one at first because I was nursing). In January, (when he was over a year old) he found one at the bottom of the toybox. And he hasn't let it go since then! Uh, Oh Well. I think I'll let him keep it for a while. He's just too cute to deny.
And, I KNOW!!! He needs a haircut! But, he's my BABY (enough with the whining!)
We're all addicts! What are you addicted to???


  1. Don't feel bad. I am trying to give up coffee and I had to get a cup this morning. I could not stand it... And I went shopping.


  2. LOL :) I just posted today about my youngest being addicted to MUD! :) I have too many addictions to list! Mine main addiction is tea. Can't get enough of the stuff. Maybe better than soda...until you see how much Splenda I put in it. I know, bad bad bad. I'm trying. Cute kidlet!!

  3. SHANEN!!!! you of all people... tsk tsk ... an addict???? I am crushed! lol ;)

    hmmmm trying to think..
    shopping?? nope no funds for it
    caffeine?? not daily so I'd say no
    binki?? no thanks ;)
    Drama?? NO WAY!!
    water?? can ya be addicted to water? I think so.. 96oz/day for me please :)
    OOOOOOOOO internet!!!! I am soooooo addicted to bloggin', facebook & email... I would FREAK w/out!!

    c you wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Funny post. I love Dr. Pepper. My sister is addicted to Dr. Pepper. I know she has one for breakfast every morning. It's the caffeine. I'd rather she have coffee, might have less chemicals in it! I love soda myself, but am not addicted. I rarely buy it and only drink it when I'm having pizza or a burger (or eating out.) And I try to buy the Hansens's natural sodas, too. Don't know if they are any better for you, LOL!
    I probably am most addicted to blogging, surfing the web, and photography these days. I have gotten better with shopping! ;) No time, I'm online too much, hee! (And luckily, don't shop online too much, prefer to touch my items in person before bringing them home, and hate using my cc online!)

  5. Don't feel bad, Shannon. Our cows were addicted to the alfalfa too. The second cutting especially. They decided to come home one day about a month ago when they heard the tractor going. They were certain it meant round bales of the good stuff!

  6. Yup, blogging. It is freakin' nice out today and I'm sitting in the house, on the computer, blogging. :P

  7. Junk! Give me the unhealthy stuff. I love cookies, any baking really, chocolate, mmmmmm chocolate, McD's french fries. ahhh - anything that will add to the size of my ass - I'll likely enjoy eating, erhm, gorge myself on. lol!

  8. I'm addicted to reading blogs!!!!! I'm a blog junkie. I love food too. :O)

  9. Good to hear from you Shanen..I'm with Heather on the blog addiction. Oh, and add to that facebook.

  10. Ummmm, since I just ate an entire pint of Blue Bell chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, I would say I'm addicted to it!!!