Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What in the heck has she been doing?

So, as you know, I’ve been out of the blogosphere for quite a while.  Somehow, I let life get in the way of typing & sharing my story.  I do share brief snipets & texts via Facebook & odd quotes & notes on Twitter as @GreenRanchMom.

I did share the story of MamaCow on our website a week or so ago.
So, I’ll catch you up quite quickly.

Farmers markets are tons of fun!  I love the connection with our customers & sharing our story with everyone.  Plus, then most people take home some yummy steaks or Beef Sticks : )

I was a very active Founding Member of TallGrass Grocery Coop  and we finally opened the store in September!!  It is located in Historic Valley Junction, so stop by & shop for some affordable, local, real Foods (including EbersoleCattleCo Beef).

We had a Practical Farmers of Iowa Field Day in October.  It was super scary preparing for other beef producers to come to our ranch.  Then, once the day arrived, it was TONS of fun!!  Jill & Sean from Blue Gate Farm, even stopped by after market (& brought greens for us, so of course I sent some sticks home)!!

The next week, we unexpectedly welcomed nearly 50  Fullblood Maine Anjou cows to our Ranch.  It was a quick, rescue type of situation, so we have had to work really hard to improve their nutrition & health.  But, these cows are beautiful to look at AND work with.  Their dispositions are so sweet & willing!  We selected a fall heifer for J.ustaCowgirl to show  and she was halterbroke & lead-able in 3 days!!  This is nearly unheard of from a calf that had only seen a human about 5 times in her life before October!!  We are really excited to offer our Fullblood calves for sale!!  We will be selling about 5 cows & 10 Bred heifers  this spring in order to cover our costs of wintering 50 extra cows.  If you’re in the market for a MaineAnjou heifer or  cow, drop me a note.  We’ll have both Purebreds and Fullbloods.

And now, I’m just really enjoying the winter “break”!!  We’ve enjoyed a beautiful mild winter and have plenty of grass & hay for all of our cows.  Plus, we cleaned out the big barn, so we’ve all been riding lots : )  I’ve even started a couple of our colts, so we should have some great minded saddle horses to offer this spring.
Hope this catches you up a bit.  I'll share more stories as we go


  1. Glad to hear you've been off having fun. With this winter, we've still got green grass! Have you even had to feed much hay??