Monday, April 4, 2011

Calving Season........zzzzzzz

Well, its calving season around here.  So, I'm tired.  alot.  I don't sleep well anyway, so I always take the night checks, because If Beau's doing the checking, I'm awake the entire time too, so I might as well let him sleep.  If I really need to I can usually sneak a nap with my little man one or two days a week.  We only do night checks for the heifers (females that have never had a calf).  The mature cows know whats going on & we just check them before bedtime & when we first get up in the morning.

But, sleep aside, its my favorite time of the year!!! 

Cute little calves out running and bucking in the pastures!  and  calving means G.R.A.S.S!!!! Yeah, fresh grass!!!!!!!

I love my cows and will endure choring with the tractor during the winter for them.  So, when the grass starts growing, I get so excited that I won't have to start the tractor for quite a while!!!

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GreenRanchingMom - Mama to the Momma Cows at the ECC

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