Monday, April 12, 2010

New Ranch additions

We added two new KIDS to the Ranch this weekend. 
Yes, I know Pygmy's??? REALLY??? 
Yes, call it a moment of weakness when I brought home 2 Pygmy Goats in my Dog Box last summer!
And, YES, the Billy is still here.  But, He does need a new home!  AnY oNe????  Bueler???Bueler???

Honey keeps calling him Enchillada or Mexican Food.  And, If some of these (we now have 6!) don't find new homes they will be sold for Mexican food.  They are pygmy's but they have a little meat on their bones!

We're currently trying to convince Just a Cowgirl to get a couple of Boer or Nubian goats!  At least they would be a little bit easier to market & she could show them.  We have repeatedly told her that you can't show Pygmy's @ our county fair.  (shhhhh, please don't add a new class for her, pleeease). 

But, Honey has resigned himself to the fact that a couple of the little critters will be staying around. 
IF they stay in their pen & don't rip more feed bags.

Really, Honey is quite a sofitie.  The kidding story is rather cute!... read on...

We were standing by the road chatting with a neighbor guy, when the girls came running over that "SHE HAS A FOOT!!!".  I had them run back & forth (to the pen) and check if there were 2 feet & a nose.  Uh OH!!! no Nose!   Honey grumbless "I'm not pulling a goat".  They guys chuckle & I go over to check it out.  2 min later, Honey is at the goat pen & wrist deep in a goat, because I couldn't find the head.  I could tell the kid was already dead, but we had to help the nanny & others that were in there (she was HUGE).  After a lot of finageling, we finally had to just pull the kid with the head back.  The kid made it out, but was already dead.  We let the nanny work a little while, & then helped her with the next two kids because they ended up both being head first (no feet in front) & they both survived!

Its really beautiful to see a hardened cowboy pull a little pygmy kid, because he wouldn't consider letting it suffer (or his girls).

This is why I'm lucky to be married to such a great cattleman, rancher, and wonderful father!

Btw, Honey loves the camera more than I do.  This face is the best it gets when a camera is involved.  Even if he's really excited that ECC Ultimate 889U won his Division at the American Royal.  Ultimate is still for sale, let me know if you're interested in a great bull!


  1. I have two does who should be kidding in the next week or so. Nothing cuter than baby goats! Tom would have no problem helping a doe, or anyone else who needs help.

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