Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Water N Poo

I love this little video. And after the RAINY wet day that I had, I was thankful that I wasn't covered in Pig Poo like I have been in weeks past. So, I thought I might direct you to Water N Poo. I can't figure out how to just put the You Tube Video in my screen....
So you'll have to click on the link.

TRUST ME, Its Cute!!

Hope your day isn't as wet as mine!!


  1. I love it! We all need to keep spreading the word about healthy farming/ranching practices.

  2. Heh. Probably not a top 40 prospect.

    If you look to the upper right corner of the YouTube page, you will see two boxes labeled with URL and Embed. If you left click on the text in the Embed box to highlight it blue,then right click on the blue text (right click Windows, anyhow) and select "copy", then go to your New Post page on Blogger, right click on the open field where you write, and select "paste," then the code necessary for displaying the video is installed. Preview will show the video so you can test it before publishing. Some people freak out about the flash player being embedded in their browser, so I always write "link" under the video and make the word link to the YouTube(or whom ever hosts the video) page so they can view the video outside a browser. It's a security issue for them - they have their browser set so it will not display flash, Active X controls or other possible risks, so this way they can watch the video using other means. It's just a courtesy thing.

    YouTube also offers a lot of customizing options on the size of the player, colors and placement - it's all underneath the URL and Embed boxes - but I generally just use the default setting. Selecting alternate display methods changes the embed code.

    Hope this wasn't too geeky for ya, if you have any questions, just email me and I'll sure try to lead you through the process.