Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finding Good Help

Well, we live in the middle of nowhere. When I drive out to go check cows, this is my view for about 2 miles.

I enjoy living out in the country, but it is hard to find good help. But, having a family farm, means that I DO have some help.

My help is little right now, but they're learning! My Cowgirl is great. She can open gates, and with the help of a good dog, she can move cows pretty good!

Here are our cows grazing after being moved to some fresh grass. Now is once again a busy time of year. We are starting to wean, and get some club calves ready to sell, and the beef calves have been banded.

We are also going to harvest some GROUND BEEF this month. We have some 100% grass-fed animals that we harvest for GROUND BEEF or Steak-burger, as some call it. This is a premium product that is MUCH leaner than you can find in any store. You will have to add some water to get this meat to cook, its THAT lean.

If you would like to have some of this STEAK-BURGER, e-mail me or leave a comment, and I'll give you a blogger (*smiles*) discount and if you're close, I'll deliver it free too!


  1. Oh, this STEAKBURGER Calf is 100% GRASS Fed!! And we do still have a quarter left & 2 Refrigerator Bundles for January harvest of a calf that will include roasts, and steaks!

  2. Great photos! great bloggin'!!

  3. How middle of nowhere are we talking? I'm pretty middle of nowhere. I'm 10 miles from my mailbox. 3 and a half miles from my closest neighbor and the closest town is 40 miles.

  4. Looks like you have great help!

  5. @SDCowgirl We aren't quite THAT in the middle of nowhere. We are 1.5 miles from the mailbox, 2 miles from our closest neighbor, 15 miles from town. And 50 miles from the closest WalMart (my mom says it isn't a town unless you have a WalMart, lol). By Iowa standards, we're pretty much in the middle of nowhere. But I would love to be farther out like you are in SD!