Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What I CAN do today to be green

Today I don't have the kids. They went to Kim's (she is my childcare guru). I did shock her again with a cloth diaper, but she is getting used to them. She uses disposables during the day, but I have been bringing Wyatt in a cloth diaper. I then got a load of stuff from the house in town to bring to the new house. You can read that the house is new to us. It was built in 192?. We are slowly remodeling what needs improved. When we purchased this house we didn't have any appliances, so we bought all new energy star appliances. I bought all American made. The fridge and stove are Maytag, and our front load washer and dryer are Frigidaire. The washer and dryer models I have are the ONLY ones that are made in the US.

My next issue is to figure out the water situation, find out if the wells are good or if we can continue to use the rural water.

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